Ella Powers aka Ella PowPow is from Norman, Oklahoma. She is well known for her love of fanny packs (ask her about her Fanny Pack Rap) and her passion for leadership. Whoever Ella goes, she makes friends by being endearingly goofy and full of smiles. She has been a part of DOWAMA pretty much since the womb and is a staple of Camp St. Raphael. Ella is unbelievably excited to be serving as the DOWAMA president and hopes for an excellent year. Feel free to contact her anytime with questions, comments, ideas, or just to say hi!

Vice President


Anna Connolly is a middle child (and in the middle of the picture). She comes from the great state of Texas in the DFW area. Currently a senior at Westlake Academy, her pastimes include studying, studying in hammocks, studying at the gym, lifeguarding, and teaching swim lessons. She has been involved with her parish and DOWAMA SOYO since the ripe age of 12 and loves serving the Orthodox community. She runs the social media accounts so reach out on any platform, anytime to talk!


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Danny Saber from Houston, Texas recently graduated from high school and is currently a freshman at Danny Saber is from Houston, Texas, aka the Hizzle-Dizzle. He is currently a freshman at the University of Houston. Besides being your current secretary, Danny enjoys eating, sleeping, and seeing his DOWAMA friends. He’s been involved with his parish and DOWAMA SOYO since he was thirteen years old, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Feel free to come talk to him about anything.



Drue has it all. He's the man with the money, the style, the hair, the eye for camera angles. In addition to being probably the coolest photographer in Wichita, Kansas, Drue has a passion for SOYO and helping us stay on budget. In his free time, Drue likes to go to the trendiest coffee shops downtown and make jokes with his theater friends that the rest of us can only hope to one day understand. If you see Drue at any DOWAMA events, don't be starstruck. Feel free to go up and say hi or compliment the aesthetic of his instagram.

Spiritual advisor

Fr. Daniel Bethancourt lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, with his wife, Presvytera Maria and their children Peter Basil and Joanna. He serves as the pastor of St. Nicholas Church in Shreveport, and has been involved in SOYO in one form or another for the past 20 years. He's thankful to God for the teens of our Diocese and the opportunity to serve them.

Youth director

Erin Learned Ghata lives in OK to the C (that's OKC). She loves Camp St. Raphael, the DOWAMA SOYO Basketball Tournament, WAMP and all things Teens SOYO. She gets to live the teen SOYO dream every day by serving as the parish Youth Director for St. Elijah in OKC. When she's not hanging out with the awesome teens of DOWAMA she loves spending time with her husband Joe and her dog Cal. Binge watching The Office and/or Parks and Rec on Netflix is also a favorite activity of Erin's. 



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