Beth Early is from H-Town, Texas, which she’s holds near and dear to her heart. Beth can regularly be seen wearing her Lone Star shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes. Beth often sheds a tear while eating tacos, but Tex-Mex isn’t the only food she loves. She is also a shawarma fanatic who will drive a solid 2 hours just to have the best (but that’s not too far by Texas standards.) During her years of taco and shawarma hunting, Beth has also been involved with her parish and DOWAMA SOYO, ever since she was 13 years old. She would be delighted if you talked to her at any DOWAMA event, as long as it has something to do with Texas.

Vice President




Ruby has it all. She's the woman with the paper and pen, the determination, and the voice of an angel. In addition to being named after a rare red stone, she is probably the best chanter and singer in all of Oklahoma. Not only that, but Ruby has a passion for SOYO and helping us stay on budget. In her free time, Ruby likes to decimate her opponents at any competition of rock-paper-scissors, and she was even once crowned Queen of the National Rock-Paper-Scissors Troupe after winning the national competition in Omaha, Nebraska. She also loves being outside, and feels almost as at home outside as she does inside. If you see Ruby at any DOWAMA events, don't be starstruck. Feel free to go up and say hi or compliment her voice after any service, just prepare yourself if you decide to challenge her to a rock-paper-scissors game.



Mariam Pavez is related to the all time coolest DOWAMA President, Munir Pavez. Mariam loves buying her brother Yetis and drinking gallons and gallons of coffee. Mariam believes there is no such thing as “too much coffee,” and she’s totally right. Want to know her favorite color? You can’t. Not even she knows what it is, but what she does know is that she has a love of roller coasters and buffalo wings. I’m not sure if she enjoys them together, but if she does, its probably very messy. With the adrenaline rush from her roller coaster rides, and caffeine rush from her coffee, Mariam is ready to take on being DOWAMA Treasurer.

Spiritual Advisor

Fr. Daniel Bethancourt lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, with his wife, Presvytera Maria and their children Peter Basil and Joanna. He serves as the pastor of St. Nicholas Church in Shreveport, and has been involved in SOYO in one form or another for the past 20 years. He's thankful to God for the teens of our Diocese and the opportunity to serve them.

Youth Director

Erin Learned Ghata lives in OK to the C (that's OKC). She loves Camp St. Raphael, the DOWAMA SOYO Basketball Tournament, WAMP and all things Teens SOYO. She gets to live the teen SOYO dream every day by serving as the DOWAMA Youth Director! When she's not hanging out with the awesome teens of DOWAMA she loves spending time with her husband Joe and her dog Cal. Binge watching The Office and/or Parks and Rec on Netflix is also a favorite activity of Erin's. 



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