How to start a SOYO

Interested in starting a SOYO in your parish or in need of ideas to grow your SOYO?  This document is for you.


What to Do

Step 1.  Read through this document
Step 2. Read through this website to better understand the programs of SOYO
Step 3.  Browse the NAC website to check out SOYO on a national level.
Step 3. Talk to your Parish Priest
Step 4: Talk to the Teens and Parents in your parish
Step 4. Contact your Diocesan and or NAC SOYO Officers and or the Department of Youth Ministry and ask for their help, guidance and calendar of upcoming events.


NO soyo? NO problem!

If your parish just won't have a SOYO anytime soon for whatever reason, you can still get involved in SOYO on a diocesan level! We have four main gatherings; Parish Life Conference, Camp St. Raphael, Basketball Tournament, and Winter Camp. Feel free to come to one (hopefully all) of these super fun events to meet other Orthodox teens and become part of the community!


LEarn By example 

Check out our blog to see what other youth groups in our diocese are doing! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!